Serial 13

In addition to the British paratroopers who arrived with the previous serials, the last paratroopers of the 2nd Airborne Brigade occupy the hamlet of Mitan. This allows the installation of the command post of the first parachuted members of the staff of the First Airborne Task Force. A command post is active from 5:52 in the house of the Lavagne family in Le Mitan. At 8:20, radio contacts were established with the 36th Infantry Division which had just landed in the area of ​​Saint-Raphaël.

80 Germans are captured to the Clastron estate north-west of Le Muy by paratroopers of the 6th Royal Welsh Para Battalion. The prisoners are brought back to Le Mitan to be interrogated and interned in the chicken coop and the kitchen garden of La Maille family. Contacts are established with the 517th PRCT near La Motte.

Paratroopers reach Les Serres sector west of Le Muy. This village is firmly held by the Germans and the British can not conquer this goal on August 15 because of a lack of artillery support initially planned to arrive with the Horsa gliders of the Bluebird mission. The bridge of La Nartuby River is taken only in the evening after the arrival of Horsa gliders.