509th Parachute Infantry

North Africa

The very first two combat jumps in the US Airborne history take place in Algeria in Oran and Youks-les-Bains in Algeria by the 2/509th Parachute Infantry Regiment in november 1942


The 2/509th PIR fought in Tunisia in the fall of 1942 and was part of the "Tunisian Task Force" fighting in particular in Gafsa. In addition, a third combat jump took place in El Djem by about thirty paratroopers from the 2/509th.


The 2/509th Parachute Infantry participated in the fighting at Salerno by jumping on Avellino on September 15, 1943 to save the beachhead. The unit then fights in Venafro for the capture of Monte Croce.


Now renamed 509th Parachute Infantry, the unit landed at Anzio on January 22, 1944 with the 6615th Ranger Force. They will remain on the beachhead until April 1, 1944.

Southern France

The 509th Parachute Infantry commanded by William P. Yarborough will participate in Operation Dragoon and will be the first airborne unit to set foot on the french soil on August 15, 1944. The unit will remain 94 days on the front line progressing on the French Riviera and remaining in particular on the french-italian border.

Battle of the Bulge

Called to reinforce the Beulge front, the 745 men of the battalion will be victim of the annihilation of their battalion. Only 55 men will "survive" the hell of the Belgian Bulge.

A.S.N.NameLast NameFirst NameRankUnitPhotoStatusDate of death
Pvt. John K. WalkerWalkerJohn K.Pvt.1943
35281711Pfc. Raymond L. BrockmanBrockmanRaymond L.Pfc.KIA1944
344170128Pfc. Gilbert M. StevensStevensGilbert M.Pfc.DNB1944
39384131Pvt. John R. WinslowWinslowJohn R.Pvt.DNB04/11/1942
34084260Pvt. Ira L. BrookinsBrookinsIra L.Pvt.E08/11/1942
O-4224312nd Lt. Dave C. KunkleKunkleDave C.2nd Lt.E08/11/1942
33011736Cpl. Wilbert E. SprenkleSprenkleWilbert E.Cpl.E09/11/1942
36159311Pvt. Leroy E. AndeAndeLeroy E.Pvt.F11/11/1942
35281555Pvt. John T. MackallMackallJohn T.Pvt.EDOW12/11/1942
33060721Sgt. Robert E. LeagueLeagueRobert E.Sgt.E12/02/1943
36044975Pvt. Adolph GennarelliGennarelliAdolphPvt.DNB01/05/1943
12097908Pvt. Robert L. KnibbsKnibbsRobert L.Pvt.EDNB06/06/1943
31224416Pfc. Hugh J. GlynnGlynnHugh J.Pfc.DNB11/06/1943
34082808Cpl. William E. BarkerBarkerWilliam E.Cpl.EDNB01/09/1943
33108368Pvt. Casimir A. StanuikynasStanuikynasCasimir A.Pvt.KIA/POW13/09/1944
34054903Sgt. Edward R. MillerMillerEdward R.Sgt.KIA14/09/1943
19082765Pvt. Warren C. AldridgeAldridgeWarren C.Pvt.MIA15/09/1943
14079162Cpl. Fred C. BurchBurchFred C.Cpl.KIA15/09/1943
35166807Pvt. Walter A. CherryCherryWalter A.Pvt.HQKIA15/09/1943
34146344Pvt. James C. LowhornLowhornJames C.Pvt.KIA15/09/1943
36010038Sgt. James E. McGrathMcGrathJames E.Sgt.HQKIA15/09/1943
Pvt. Joseph J. O'BrienO'BrienJoseph J.Pvt.HQKIA15/09/1943
Pvt. Frank RomeroRomeroFrankPvt.15/09/1943
33131549Pvt. Leroy L. LauerLauerLeroy L.Pvt.D16/09/1943
Pfc. Frederick V. HolmesHolmesFrederick V.Pfc.KIA/POW19/09/1943
11039104Pvt. Laurent E. FortierFortierLaurent E.Pvt.KODY20/10/1943
O-4303411st Lt. Charles W. KurtzKurtzCharles W.1st Lt.HQDNB24/10/1943
36125239Sgt. Richard E. La ForgeLa ForgeRichard E.Sgt.D10/11/1943
13097138Pfc. Stanley E. PalahaPalahaStanley E.Pfc.EKIA10/11/1943
33062612T/5 Alfred C. PetzoldPetzoldAlfred C.T/5FKIA10/11/1943
5281449Pfc. William E. DaleyDaleyWilliam E.Pfc.KIA11/11/1943
33082388Pfc. Milford L. DuganDuganMilford L.Pfc.DKIA11/11/1943
16023352Pfc. Wesley E. GundersonGundersonWesley E.Pfc.KIA11/11/1943
6928563S/Sgt. Lehman Lecompt Jr.LecomptLehman Jr.S/Sgt.DKIA11/11/1943
Cpl. Chester ManchrzekManchrzekChesterCpl.EKIA11/11/1943
34106608S/Sgt. William H. SimmonsSimmonsWilliam H.S/Sgt.HQKIA11/11/1943
39312175Pvt. William E. SimonsSimonsWilliam E.Pvt.DOW15/11/1943
34172325T/5 Robert D. DavesDavesRobert D.T/5MIA23/11/1943
20341541Pvt. Leslie B. DavisDavisLeslie B.Pvt.KIA23/11/1943
13090893Pfc. Warren McGeeMcGeeWarrenPfc.KIA24/11/1943
35034950Pfc. Robert L. MayleMayleRobert L.Pfc.DKIA25/11/1943
20729010Cpl. James M. McClureMcClureJames M.Cpl.DKIA25/11/1943
6965436Sgt. Donald E. DavisDavisDonald E.Sgt.KIA28/11/1943
13090895Pvt. Stanley J. AbramczykAbramczykStanley J.Pvt.2/509thKIA01/12/1943
20365280Pfc. Mitchell T. FranksFranksMitchel T.Pfc.DDOW01/12/1943
12008855Pvt. Vallacchi Phillip Jr.VallachiPhillip Jr.Pvt.01/12/1943
35011951Pfc. Alvin ZadellZadellAlvinPfc.DNB01/12/1943
35108893Cpl. Elihu PuckettPuckettElihuCpl.KIA02/12/1943
12054761Pvt. Robert D. ThompsonThompsonRobert D.Pvt.07/12/1943
31290974Pvt. Rene O. HarnoisHarnoisRene O.Pvt.DNB07/01/1944
35051940Pvt. Robert L. JenkinsJenkinsRobert L.Pfc.BDOW19/01/1944
6967351Pvt. Johnie W. MillicanMillicanJohnie W.Pvt.BKIA25/01/1944
O-20540242nd Lt. Cyrus C. ParksParksCyrus C.2nd Lt.25/01/1944
34094078Pfc. Burt E. DockinsDockinsBurtPfc.KIA27/01/1944
34094078Pfc. Burt E. DockinsDockinsBurt E.Pfc.KIA27/01/1944
O-4105441st Lt. Richard J. GrabowGrabowRichard J.1st Lt.KIA27/01/1944
O-4887321st Lt. William G. KautzKautzWilliam G.1st Lt.KIA27/01/1944
35696050Pvt. Jeff Slavin Jr.SlavinJeff Jr.KIA27/01/1944
O-12844081st Lt. Vernon SextonSextonVernon1st Lt.KIA30/01/1944
38034142Cpl. George A. WorthingtonWorthingtonGeorge A.Cpl.KIA30/01/1944
34084855Sgt. Charles W. Hood Jr.HoodCharles W. Jr.Sgt.EDOWfévr-44
37469727Pfc. Roy E. GerdesGerdesRoy E.Pfc.KIA02/02/1944
1st Lt. Frank W. LowellLowellFrank W.1st Lt.02/02/1944
Pvt. Earl R. MacayMacayEarl R.Pvt.02/02/1944
31034086S/Sgt. Jesse A. SilvaSilvaJesse A.S/Sgt.KIA02/02/1944
12026987Pfc. Harold M. Kennedy Jr.KennedyHarold M. Jr.Pfc.DOW04/02/1944
11080067Pvt. Ervin Davis Jr.DavisErvin Jr.Pvt.KIA05/02/1944
15078259Pvt. Eugene S. GeorgeGeorgeEugene S.Pvt.KIA08/02/1944
17043287Sgt. Emmanuel C. HouseHouseEmmanuel C.Sgt.09/02/1944
36736927Pvt. Elmer G. KorejtkoKorejtkoElmer G.Pvt.B16/02/1944
Pvt. Patrick R. O'DonnellO'DonnellPatrick R.Pvt.BKIA17/02/1944
38130153Pfc. Billy D. PowellPowellBilly D.Pfc.BKIA17/02/1944
14071587Pfc. Houston C. AkinsAkinsHouston C.Pfc.AKIA19/02/1944
15107413T/5 Leslie W. BeaversBeaversLeslie W.T/5KIA19/02/1944
13074013Pvt. Fred W. GallagherGallagherFred W.Pvt.B19/02/1944
37398466Pfc. Orval C. GilliamGilliamOrval C.Pfc.DOW19/02/1944
34092332Pvt. Pete WayWayPetePvt.AKIA19/02/1944
O-3865681st Lt. Joseph J. WinskoWinskoJoseph J.1st Lt.KIA21/02/1944
35210834Pfc. William A. HuffmanHuffmanWilliam A.Pfc.ADOW22/02/1944
39615864Pvt. Kenneth R. WutzkeWutzkeKenneth R.Pvt.CKIA22/02/1944
11055540Pfc. Rudolph C. RichRichRudolph C.Pfc.23/02/1944
12079375Pfc. Burdette H. DavieDavieBurdette H.Pfc.KIA27/02/1944
7083955Cpl. Russell G. HarveyHarveyRussell G.Cpl.KIA27/02/1944
37087017S/Sgt. Leo E. StambaughStambaughLeo E.S/Sgt.A27/02/1944
34107164Cpl. Clifford E. FainFainClifford E.Cpl.EKIA29/02/1944
6897791S/Sgt. Charles J. FarmerFarmerCharle J.Sgt.KIA29/02/1944
31228597Pvt. Arthur J. GagnonGagnonArthur J.Pvt.KIA29/02/1944
39172150Pfc. Melvin E. GlenGlenMelvin E.Pfc.KIA29/02/1944
6283524Pvt. Harrison B. HardinHardinHarrison B.Pvt.FOD29/02/1944
34315273Pvt. Clyde P. HayesHayesClyde P.Pvt.BKIA29/02/1944
13012084Pvt. Richard C. KalinoskiKalinoskiRichard C.Pvt.KIA29/02/1944
39077489Pvt. Charles L. LeeLeeCharles L.Pvt.KIA29/02/1944
32036577Cpl. James M. MartinMartinJames M.Cpl.ADOW29/02/1944
15077999Pvt. James M. PylesPylesJames M.Pvt.HQKIA29/02/1944
O-3501081st Lt. Lawrence P. SmithSmithLawrence P.1st Lt.KIA29/02/1944
35209762Cpl. Edwin M. StapletonStapletonEdwin M.Cpl.KIA29/02/1944
39689094Pvt. Walter LoganLoganWalterPvt.01/03/1944
32762812Pvt. Frank DiraimondoDiraimondoFrankPvt.02/03/1944
Pvt. James R. McKinnonMcKinnonJames R.Pvt.04/03/1944
O-7494842nd Lt. Wayne A. McMasterMcMasterRobert E.2nd Lt.05/03/1944
35209806S/Sgt. Varna C. ShrewsberryShrewsberryVarna C.S/Sgt.DKIA13/03/1944
32190878Pvt. Thomas S. MastrosimoneMastrosimoneThomas S.Pvt.AKIA14/03/1944
36805721Pvt. Donald E. AntrimAntrimDonald E.Pvt.DOW16/03/1944
34545426Pvt. Littleton D. BronsonBronsonLittleton D.Pvt.KIA16/03/1944
13153629Pfc. Theodore L. BusseBussTheodore L.Pfc.MIA16/03/1944
34054997Cpl. Ross W. ClemClemRoss W.Cpl.KIA16/03/1944
13097994Pvt. Carl E. DunphyDunphyCarl E.Pvt.HQKIA16/03/1944
32643122Pvt. Joseph R. GassmanGassmanJoseph R.Pvt.KIA16/03/1944
31169189Pvt. Orlando A. ManciniManciniOrlando A.Pvt.KIA16/03/1944
35212629Pvt. Marshall E. MitchellMitchellMarshallPvt.E (HQ ?)DOW16/03/1944
33111127Pvt. Peter MrvoshMrvoshPeterPvt.F16/03/1944
33636656Pvt. Cyrus A. PettijohnPettijohnCyrus A.Pvt.KIA16/03/1944
16047429Pfc. Henry G. WilburnWilburnHenry G.Pfc.KIA16/03/1944
33070016Pvt. Joseph S. MoffoMoffoJoseph S.Pvt.MIA12/04/1944
32380354Pfc. Joseph KubicKubicJosephPfc.DNB19/06/1944
15315539Pvt. Donald S. CurrieCurrieDonald S.Pvt.KODY21/06/1944
37300492T/4 Eugene C. BecknerBecknerEugene C.T/4BMIA15/08/1944
36060609Pvt. Ira J. ButlerButlerIra J.Pvt.BMIA15/08/1944
39410050Pfc. Frank CamposCamposFrankPfc.BMIA15/08/1944
32141270Sgt. Oscar F. CrevellingCrevellingOscar F.Sgt.BMIA15/08/1944
34054782S/Sgt. Robert B. DavidDavidRobert B.S/Sgt.BMIA15/08/1944
208113481/Sgt. Anthony J. DorsaDorsaAnthony J.1/Sgt.BMIA15/08/1944
32983299Pvt. Julius GarciaGarciaJuliusPvt.BMIA15/08/1944
16105218T/4 Marvin N. GillmanGillmanMarvin N.T/4BMIA15/08/1944
Pfc. Carl M. HartHartCarl M.Pfc.15/08/1944
32981213Pfc. George R. LynchLynchGeorge R.Pfc.BMIA15/08/1944
O-1283116Capt. Ralph R. Miller Jr.MillerRalph R. Jr.Capt.BKIA15/08/1944
38468661Pvt. Stanley W. MooreMooreStanley W.Pvt.BMIA15/08/1944
35732276Thomas W. PennebakerPennebakerThomas W.BMIA15/08/1944
13008831Pvt. Alfred B. Pipino Jr.PipinoAlfred B.Pvt.BMIA15/08/1944
37608277Pfc. Leon V. PotterPotterLeon V.Pfc.BMIA15/08/1944
12067554T/5 George W. Reid Jr.ReidGeorge W.T/5BMIA15/08/1944
6392752Sgt. William A. SutherlandSutherlandWilliam A.Sgt.BDNB15/08/1944
39386260Pfc. Rex E. SextonSextonRex E. SextonPfc.BKIA20/08/1944
15394397Pvt. David G. BloydBloydDavid G.Pvt.AKIA21/08/1944
Charles CamptonCamptonCharlesCKIA21/08/1944
19115661Sgt. Roy W. DavidDavidRoy W.Sgt.CKIA21/08/1944
38219760Pvt. Larry J. DucoteDucoteLarry J.Pvt.BKIA21/08/1944
35750995Sgt. Leonard R. HallerHallerLeonard R.Sgt.CKIA21/08/1944
10726224Pfc. George P. HemsworthHemsworthGeorge P.Pfc.BKIA21/08/1944
39847995Pvt. Ralph V. HiralesHiralesRalph V.Pvt.BKIA21/08/1944
Pvt. Joseph J. KaplarKaplarJoseph J.Pvt.BKIA21/08/1944
36402694Cpl. Burl J. KnappKnappBurl J.Cpl.B21/08/1944
Pfc. Arthur E. LundquistLundquistArthur E.Pfc.BKIA21/08/1944
11045716Cpl. Harold D. MetzgerMetzgerHarold D.Cpl.C21/08/1944
35209270T/4 Victor A. OsburnOsburnVictor A.T/4B21/08/1944
Walter H. StewartStewartWalter H.BDOW21/08/1944
32767093Pvt. Frank J. SweetitzSweetitzFrank J.Pvt.HQ21/08/1944
35164966Sgt. Gerald K. TilneyTilneyGerald K.Sgt.CKIA21/08/1944
33312244Pfc. Joseph L. ZadloZadloJoseph L.Pfc.C21/08/1944
O-301346Maj. John N. AppersonAppersonJohn N.Pfc.HQ & HQ Co.KIA22/08/1944
330824891/Sgt. Thomas J. CraneCraneThomas J.1/Sgt.AKIA22/08/1944
39312263Pvt. Robert E. DavisonDavisonRobert E.Pvt.AKIA22/08/1944
O-0257451st Lt. Hubert J. Fiander Jr.FianderHubert J.1st Lt.HQKIA22/08/1944
31044588Sgt. Stanley B. Beatham Jr.BeathamStanley B.Sgt.BKIA23/08/1944
36735915Pfc. Clarence BergemenBergemenClarencePfc.Med. Det.KIA23/08/1944
34265723Pfc. William C. CooperCooperWilliam C.Pfc.HQKIA23/08/1944
6927574Pvt. James H. CrosbyCrosbyJames H.Pvt.HQKIA23/08/1944
16021254Pvt. Donald F. GriffinGriffinDonald F.Pvt.AKIA23/08/1944
34128576T/5 Lee W. PolsonPolsonLee W.T/5AKIA23/08/1944
20653122Pfc. William A. RoggeRoggeWilliam A.Pfc.AKIA23/08/1944
37549178Pvt. James E. WhiteWhiteJames E.Pvt.AKIA23/08/1944
O-377640Capt. Roy E. BazeBazeRoy E.Capt.Med. Det.KIA24/08/1944
35561493Pfc. Albert V. LuksisLuksisAlbert J.Pfc.BKIA09/09/1944
33674408Pvt. Egil H. RellingRellingEgil H.Pvt.BKIA01/10/1944
31381513Pfc. Charles A. FlamentFlamentCharles A.Pfc.BDOI20/10/1944
31364556Pvt. Francis N. Burns Jr.BurnsFrancis N.Pvt.BDNB23/10/1944
Pvt. Herbert E. FisherFisherHerbert E.Pvt.CKIA04/11/1944
36669985Pvt. Jewell G. Bethel Jr.BethelJewell G. Jr.Pvt.KIA22/12/1944
37526502Pfc. Arnold E. JohnsonJohnsonArnold E.Pfc.CKIA23/12/1944
Pvt. Randolph S. ReddReddRandolph S.Pvt.C23/12/1944
35586367Cpl. Travis J. RussellRussellTravis J.Cpl.KIA24/12/1944
Pfc. Paul L. 'Sonny' BurnsBurnsPaul L.Pfc.25/12/1944
37526502Pfc. Eugene C. JordanJordanEugene C.Pfc.KIA25/12/1944
35164911Sgt. George L. BillsBillsGeorge L.Pfc.B26/12/1944
Cpl. John P. YoungYoungJohn P.Cpl.DOW27/12/1944
32762812Pvt. Matthew Di BellaDi BellaMatthewPvt.28/12/1944
14139156Pfc. Carroll E. HerndonHerndonCarroll E.Pfc.CKIA28/12/1944
18016802Sgt. Stephen D. JusticeJusticeStephen D.Sgt.CKIA28/12/1944
35034953S/Sgt. William F. WithemWithemWilliam F.S/Sgt.CKIA28/12/1944
38531149Pvt. Gaines L. MorganMorganGaines L.Pvt.KIA29/12/1944
37617693Pvt. John E. Roediger Jr.RoedigerJohn E. Jr.Pvt.KIA30/12/1944
36410020Pfc. John M. Van Ess Jr.Van EssJohn M. Jr.Pfc.KIA31/12/1944
38495533Pvt. Percy J. WebreWebrePercy J.Pvt.KIA31/12/1944
Sgt. Robert M. ThompsonKIA04/01/1945
20310254Cpl. Samuel U. GrantGrantSamuel U.Cpl.BKIA20/01/1945
O-399875Capt. Charles C. W. HowlandHowlandCharles C. W.Capt.HQ/ScoutKIA20/01/1945
36867486Pvt. Edward KalinowskiKalinowskiEdwardPvt.KIA20/01/1945
33108212Cpl. James R. KnoppKnoppJames R.Cpl.BKIA20/01/1945
37616930Pvt. Philip K. NachefskiNachefskiPhilip K.Pvt.BKIA20/01/1945
35870174Pfc. George F. Ruder Jr.RuderGeorge F. Jr.Pfc.KIA20/01/1945
33403460Pfc. Steve ShaposkaShaposkaStevePfc.DOW20/01/1945
Cpl. Robert M. BarnthouseBarnthouseRobert M.Cpl.KIA21/01/1945
36814243Pfc. Andrew F. Lijewski Jr.LijewskiAndrew F. Jr.Pfc.KIA21/01/1945
Capt. Leslie D. WinshipWinshipLeslie D.Capt.B
37476134Pfc. Henry W. OmmenOmmenHenry W.Pfc.21/01/1945
36228487Pvt. Russell A. SinjemsSinjemsRussell A.Pvt.DOW22/01/1945
17058219Pfc. Robert F. Holcombe Jr.HolcombeRobert F. Jr.Pfc.KIA27/01/1945
36315585T/4 Edward R. WojcikWojcikEdward R.T/4AKIA30/01/1945
16144173Pfc. James F. SmithSmithJames F.Pfc.KIA31/01/1945
O-12990792nd Lt. Leroy L. ManleyManleyLeroy L.2nd Lt.DOW04/02/1945
35882216Jack B. MarriotMariottJack B.Pvt.06/03/1945
36611767Pfc. Gustav E. EricksonEricksonGustav E.Pfc.KIAdéc-45
John N. AndersonAndersonJohn N.UNK
Pfc. Victor D. AponteAponteVictor D.Pfc.UNK
33525182Pvt. Warren BeckerBeckerWarrenPvt.DOWUNK
14017110S/Sgt. Joseph L. BuchananBuchananJoseph L.S/Sgt.DOWUNK
Pvt. Fred C. BurnsBurnsFred C.Pvt.UNK
Pvt. Joseph CormakCormakJosephPvt.UNK
Pfc. Edward C. HalleyHalleyEdward C.Pfc.UNK
Pvt. Edwin C. HicksHicksEdwin C.Pvt.HQKIAUNK
Pfc. Robert L. HodgkissHodgkissRobert L.Pfc.UNK
1/Sgt. Frank JacksonJacksonFrank1/Sgt.UNK
Pfc. Charles D. KellyKellyCharles D.Pfc.UNK
O-4278411st Lt. Albert L. KinderknechtKinderknechtAlbert L.1st Lt.UNK
O-13165112nd Lt. David PayePayeDavid2nd Lt.KIAUNK