A Co. 2nd Chemical Battalion

For Operation Dragoon, two chemical mortar units, the A Company of the 2nd Chemical Battalion and the D Company of the 83rd Chemical Battalion are transferred to the First Airborne Task Force. The A Company of the 2nd Cml. Bn was in Paestum south of Naples when ordered to move to Lido di Roma, reporting directly to the newly created Provisional Airborne Division.

The four company commanders make the short straw to break the news to the men and it is Dave Goodell who announces that the men will receive their "flight pay."

Dday - 15 août 1944

For the amphibious and airborne assault on the French coast, the elements of the battalion were dispatched as follows:

Able Company attached to the 2nd Independent Parachute Brigade
Baker Company
and Charlie attached to the 143rd Regiment of the 36th Division
Dog Company attached to the 141st Regiment of the 36th Division.

The three mortar platoons occupy 24 gliders each, or 48 gliders allocated to the Able Company of the 2nd Chemical Battalion. Arrangements are made for a supply of ammunition on Day D+1.

The gliders of the 2nd Chemical Battalion take off in the middle of the afternoon. Everything goes as planned, at 6:55 p.m. H Hour + 10:55 a.m. the gliders start to land. Generally, the landing of gliders are without serious accidents for men. One of the gliders is forced into a crash landing in which an A Co. jeep breaks off before rolling 40 yards forward of the glider! Three men are sitting in the jeep at this time, all three are seriously injured. The gathering of men and equipment is carried out with a minimum of confusion and the mortars are ready for their firing mission for those who wish.

Direct support was provided during the assault on Le Muy, a very important objective of the Task Force. The A Co. accomplishes its mission in this operation with a high degree of success and now wears the Airborne tab as one of its most valuable possessions. After the airborne amphibious forces had operated their junction near Le Muy, the A Co remained attached to the FABTF when they had the task of pushing east, towards the Italian border, to protect the right flank of the 7th Army.