Half of members of the 4th Para Battalion can be found in Callas, Fayence or Saint-Paul-en-Forêt due to miss drop. Lt. Col. Melvin Zais, commander of the 3rd Battalion of the 517th PIR, having been badly dropped with all his battalion on Fayence, goes to Callas with all the paratroopers that he could find, to absolutely join the Drop Zone A. He reaches the village to Dusk of the day forms a defense perimeter and waits for the daybreak.

An enemy force is located between Saint-Paul-en-Forêt and the crossroads of ‘Les Quatre Chemins’. Upon receipt of this information, the 4th Battalion Commander sends Captain Hunter, Lt. Brammall, and 12 other men to the frech partisans at the crossroads to spend the night there and then to to harass enemy movements in the area during the whole morning. French fighters are contacted, but they do not report any enemy movement.

At 2 pm on August 17, enemies are engaged on a road near Callas and are pushed back to the east. Captain Hunter’s patrol had heard from the Partisans that there was considerable enemy activity on the Draguignan-Fayence road, on the road west of the ‘Quatre Chemins’ causing some threat to Callas. This is a part of the Grenadier-Regiments convoy 327 and 372 having passed. The patrol reaches the road one mile west of les Quatre Chemins, sees the enemy in a farmhouse and engages by opening fire by surprise. The enemy is engaged until ammunition is exhausted. The group then withdraws to Callas to obtain ammunition from the resistance fighters. At that moment, a report is received that the enemy is moving towards Callas. At about 4 kilometers from the village, the enemy changes direction and goes to Draguignan.

Captain Hunter divides his patrol and leaves two groups under the command of Lt. Brammall to organize the defense of the village. As he takes with him two men to go to the farm where the enemy is still, a short fight commits and the Captain Hunter is forced to withdraw because of the enemy's superiority in number and power of fire. He returns to Callas where he finds the village completely organized for the defense. The patrol is reinforced by the arrival of the stick of Captain Cruden (twelve men). Which had been dropped several miles north of the village. During this series of small actions, it was estimated that 20 enemies were killed and wounded for the loss of a killed man and a wounded man.

'B' and 'C' Coy of the 5th Para Battalion have orders to go towards Callas. At 1830, a report sent to the Brigade HQ indicates that a powerful German counterattack is heading towards the crossroads of les Quatre Chemins and that the men present at the roadblock are forced to retreat to heights nearby. The Brigade Commander orders the 5th Para Battalion to keep in touch with the enemy, but this message is not transmitted and communications are lost. But at dawn on August 18, 'B' Coy sees that the enemy is trying to retreat to the north. Part of the company has orders from intercepted and 10 officers and 87 troops surrender.

Thus ends the action at Quatre Chemins and puts an end to the contact of the enemy by the brigade. When it is found that the place is cleared of enemy presence, the two companies of the 5th Scottish Para Battalion are ordered to withdraw and the whole brigade is concentrated in Le Muy area.