On August 15th, the 517th PIR’ B and C Companies are scattered by sticks and small groups over an area of ​​50 to 60 square kilometers stretching across Trans-en-Provence, Draguignan, Lorgues and Les Arcs. The Baker Company has the unfortunate privilege of being the unit being the most dispersed during the parachute drop.

1st Lt. Charles "Whitey" J. Hillsdale’ plane, commander of the Baker Company drop him 4 kilometers northwest of Lorgues, while the XO, Lt. Terry Sanford falls with his men 2 km away north-east of the DZ, about 10 km from Hillsdale! When almost the entire stick comes together, he progresses towards his goal through Lorgues to join Les Arcs. The paratroopers arrive in Lorgues around 8 am and leave Pvt. Jesse K. Davis of the Demolition Platoon in a hospital , injured during the drop.

They leave the city around 9:30 am and try to go to Les Arcs in cross country. The progression is slow and executed carefully because the enemy is found in the vicinity. The group is intercepted as it approaches the Arcs and must turn back. They then go around the city from the north. That's what they do during the whole D-day.

The next morning, they are strafed by an American plane. On the way to Draguignan, Hillsdale made two small patrols, one of which is lost. Later the group captures two trucks carrying German officers and wounded whom they send to the FFI of Lorgues.

Moving south through Trans, Hillside and her men made contact with the 551st and finally managed to reach Sainte Roseline at 11 pm on D + 1.