Serial 10

On August 15, thankst to the precision of the british pathfinders, 70% of all the 6th Welsh Parachute Battalion (including those arriving in the Serial No. 11) lands on the right DZ. Brigadier General Pritchard, 2nd Independent Parachute Brigade commander is also parachuted on the right Drop Zone as well as the elements of the FABTF staff.

The commander and 3 officers of the 127th Parachute Field Ambulance jump with the staff of the 2nd Brigade. Section #3 and Surgical Team #1 jump together but land far beyond Drop Zone O. Containers filled with medical supplies are all lost or looted before they are found by the unit. They arrive at 07:30 am when they reach the DZ and have to set up an operating room to treat the injured victims of parachute drops. They stay there until 19:30 then move to a better place north of the DZ. An hour later the surgical team is operational again, this time for the victims having landed in glider and a certain number of Americans having no medical support with them.
Between August 15th and 18th, the surgical team performed forty-nine surgical operations.

The battalion later occupies La Motte and Clastron where follows the surrender of the garrison. As the village is being released, patrols are sent to contact the 517th PIR around La Motte. At 16:00 more and more men of the battalion who had been the victim of parachuting errors arrive on the Drop Zone, they are now 7 officers and 300 troops.

Men from the 6th Welsh’ Company C are sent on patrol on Le Muy and le Luc to ambush the possible retreating German soldiers, they return to the DZ at 22:00 without having any contact with the Germans. The night of 15 to 16 is calm and a patrol having managed to enter Le Muy returns with 11 German soldiers taken prisoner. Later in the day of August 15, the 509th PIB and 550th IAB captures Le Muy and 70 Germans with 6 anti-tank guns go to a patrol of 4 men of the 6th Welsh Para Battalion.