Serial 11

On August 15, The drop is accurate only for one company of the 5th Scottish paratroopers. The rest of the battalion is dropped by mistake in the area of ​​Fayence because of a failure of the Rebecca guidance system of one of the leading aircraft. Only 30% of the 6th Para Battalion is badly dropped in the area of ​​Fayence. The men of the 5th Battalion are divided into three groups. Battalion commander, Lt. Col. Hunter, half of the staff and much of the ‘C’ Company is in one of these groups. The second group consists of the ‘D’ Company with several American 3rd Battalion. The third group has two officers and twenty men.

The first group is divided into three other groups to join the command of the 2nd Brigade and the last arrive around 22:30.

The second group north-east of Fayence also walks towards the DZ and reaches the village of Tourettes when they hear shots. Believing that the Germans occupy the village, they send a reconnaissance patrol to find the German positions. No German is in Tourettes, but there is some in Fayence. Informed by the local resistance of some injured paratroopers nearby, they organize groups with stretchers to bring them to the village where they are treated by the Maquis hospital.

At 13:30, the French take the defense of their village and the second group leaves towards Le Muy.

Just after leaving, the 1st group sees a convoy of 15 German vehicles approaching and preparing for an ambush.

However, the convoy is attacked before the ambush by a mixed group of 25 British and American paratroopers. The second group is joined by about 60 American paratroopers and together they attack the convoy. Their assault kills 8 enemies and injures 4 other Germans by destroying several vehicles. A few hours later they are joined by another group of American 3/517.

The 3rd group parachuted 3.2 kilometers east of Fayence, marching towards the DZ, they have no contact with the enemy, but the number of casualties due to the jump considerably slows their progress. At 11:00, another platoon of 6th battalion joins the group and moves west of Fayence where they stop for the night. Members of the well parachuted battalion on the DZ 'O' hold a roadblock on the road heading north.

The next day, the first two groups continue to make their way south of Fayence. The second group of the now 115-strong ‘D’ Company tropers arrived in the positions of the unhampered battalion. The third group attacks a convoy of 15 vehicles, but during the attack, a German formation approaches and the small group is forced to withdraw. During this small skirmish, 8 German vehicles are destroyed and 2 command cars and a truck are captured. 7 Germans are killed and 7 others taken prisoner.

The next morning, the small detachments of the battalion ambush the retreating Germans. The ‘B’ and ‘C’ Company contact the Germans at ‘Les Quatre Chemins’ crossroad in Callas. At dawn the next day the ‘B’ Company captures 10 officers and 87 German soldiers.