676th Medical Collecting Company

To assist the entire FABTF, the 676th Medical Collecting Company of the 164th Medical Battalion receives very special glider training. 25 gliders are allocated to the company which is made up of 104 officers and troops. The company commander is Major Smith.

Dday - August 15, 1944

The 1st Airborne Task Force is initially supported by parachute medics already part of combat units. The personnel of the 676th Medical Company landed in the vicinity of Le Muy by glider at 6 p.m. on D-day, the last wave landed at 6:51 p.m. Equipment and medical supplies are loaded into 12 jeeps towing trailers that land safely. An Aid Station was set up in a barn in Le Mitan shortly after the first wave of landings, with the equipment set up just as they arrived. The Aid Station moves to a larger structure on August 16. In all, 227 wounded were treated before their evacuation to Camel Beach by boat on August 17.