Le Mitan

Le Mitan was chosen by the 1st Airborne Task Force to install its first command post. The little hamlet is located at the east of Drop Zone O, about 800 meters from the intersection of Le Muy road leading to Callas and La Motte leading to Bargols. The mission of the 2nd Independent Parachute Brigade is to clean and keep the area around the DZ and establish its headquarters, under the protection of elements belonging to the 5th Para Battalion in the small hamlet.

The hamlet is quickly occupied and the PC is operational at 10 o'clock, after the arrival of the staff of General Staff in the first gliders. A large yard, opposite the farm used by Bob Frederick's PC, is used by the 676th Medical Collecting Company, who arrived in the first gliders during Operation Dove, to set up a field hospital there.

Injured glider pilots, as well as 550th Infantry Airborne Battalion troops and paratroopers from different units are arriving more and more for treatment.