Serial 12

On August 15, a portion of the 4th Para Battalion (60%), including the commanding officer, Lt. Col. Victor H. B. 'Vic' Coxen, is mistakenly dropped in the neighborhood of Fayence, Callas and Saint-Paul-en-Forêt because of dropping errors.

At 06:15, the brigade headquarters established its command post at Le Mitan, 20 minutes later they issued with the forces of the 36th Texas Division.

At 07:30 hours, the commanders of the 40% of the 4th Para Battalion men parachuted on the DZ "O" report to the command post at Le Mitan. They then control Hill 113, the highest point north of Le Muy on the other side of the Nartuby River.

Captain Geoff L. Mortimer's 'C' Company occupies the small house group at Les Serres which is at the bridge over Nartuby river leading to Le Muy. 4th Battalion 'C' Coy is ordered to attack Les Serres Castle and its garrison. Around 09:30 am a barrage of mortar shells was fired, and at 10 o'clock smoke was fired in the open fields north of the castle. The infantry rushes and quickly collides with a strong firepower enemy, about twenty men and several machine gun positions.

Sgt. Willmott is decorated with the Military Medal for this attack, he is the first to cross the wall of about 2 meters, then he, alone, neutralizes two machine gun positions and kill 6 Germans. The taking of Les Serres was not done without pain. There are 7 dead on the British side and 9 wounded. On the German side there are 16 dead and 29 others are taken prisoner. Lieutenant Stewart of 'C' Coy is killed. At 10:15 am there was a series of small counterattacks that were all pushed back.

There is no physical contact with the 509th Parachute Infantry, but messages of their parts are issued as elements of the battalion occupy the heights south of Le Muy and 7 guns of 75mm are in place and pointed on the city, ready to fire.

On the night of August 15 to 16, the 4th Battalion makes contact with elements of the 509th in the Argens Valley.